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Our 3rd year BA (Hons) Graphic Design and MA Communication Design students are giving you the chance to take a sneak peek of their final year work at Salvault on Wednesday 24th April at Thomas Restaurant & Bar in the Northern Quarter. This one night only event will welcome staff, students and industry leaders alike to witness a taste of what’s to come in this year’s Create at Salford Festival which is due to kick off on Wednesday 12th June.

Acting as the sole coordinator, fundraiser and marketeer, MA Communication Design Programme Leader, Natasha Willcocks, has stood at the heart and soul of the Salvault exhibition from start to finish. Natasha has been working diligently to plant the promotional seeds leading up to the pop-up show, with social media platforms such as Instagram playing an integral part in the development of the group exhibition. Speaking of her use of social media platforms, Natasha commented: “Instagram was a great platform to use in coordinating this event amongst 95 odd students as it allowed me to collate somewhat of an online gallery of all the students’ work.”

Following on from the Edition project back in February, Salvault has provided the students with yet another opportunity to showcase their talent in a city centre exhibition space. MA Communication Design student, Amelia Lang said: “It’s nice to be involved in a cross discipline exhibition and it’s a fantastic opportunity to start mingling with the BA students as well.  I’ve also been able to get some of the undergraduate students involved with my MA project through the Facebook events and groups page which has been great.”

Join us on Wednesday between 7-11pm to celebrate the effort and hard work the students have demonstrated over the past year, with free drinks on offer for early birds! For all you tweeters out there, don’t forget to mention #salvault on the night and for the latest news and forthcoming events from Natasha’s programmes follow her blog here.

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