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5 a day with Miz DeShannon

Miz graduated from our Design Management course and has since been involved in a number of projects since including Festival Director of MAPS, a music writer for the likes of Skiddle, Beardrock and Soundblab and has most recently taken on a new role as Project Manager at Manchester based charity Forever Manchester. We caught up with her over Twitter on her first day in the new job to see what she was getting up to…

@DeShannon tweets:

1. Learning curve day at @4EVERManchester; databases and grant apps. And our piece in @manchesterchimp! 

2. More @4EVERManchester marketing, and the new iPhone app. I’m being absorbed… 

3. Bedtime reading on urban strategies and community building from the boss… #QuietNightIn then!

4. Today’s Google searching has led me to looking into emerging #Italian #architects…http://www.iicbelgrado.esteri.it/IIC_LosAngeles/webform/SchedaEvento.aspx?id=218

5. Yummy Lichtenstein and Blake at Opus Art - getting in the mood for @buyartfair on Thursday!

And another one for good measure!

6. The Lichtenstein got me thinking about downloading these wonders again…http://www.artdesignschools.com/careers/ten-must-see-art-documentaries/

If you’re interested in taking part in our 5 a day project then please get in touch!

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